Murray County Humane Society
12097 Hwy 225N
Crandall, GA 30711
(706) 686-5555

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  • You will fill out adoption application (not all applications will be approved and we hope you understand we keep the animal's best interest in mind)   
  • We will check vet and personal references
  • Will schedule a time for you to meet pet at our foster facility (may be asked to bring your current pet to meet potential new pet)
  • We will do home inspection (prefer all family members to be home at time of inspection)
  • Once adoption fee is paid and adoption contract is signed, you will take home your new pet



  • Puppies - $100* (includes vaccinations and spay/neuter certificate)
  • Adult dogs - $150* (includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, and heartworm testing) 
  • Kittens - $50* (includes vaccinations and spay/neuter certificate)
  • Adult cats - $50* (includes vaccinations and spay/neuter)

*fee can vary depending on animal

**Note: Our adoption fee will not be negotiated.  This fee is not a "sale price" but a fee that allows us to continue to help other homeless pets.  



Your Schedule

Be realistic with how much time you have to give your pet.  Puppies and kittens can get lonely and may become destructive when left long periods of time alone.  Even adult dogs needs let out during the day.  Cats can entertain themselves for longer periods of time; but all pets need quality time with their pet parents.  


In addition to providing children with a loving companion, adopting a pet is a great way to teach responsibility.  However, some pets, such as very young puppies and kittens, may not always be a good match for families with children under the age of six.  They may not be able to judge how roughly they are handling small pets.  Therefore, adult pets with patient personalities may be much better match for these families. 

Other Household Pets

We try to gather as much information about our adoptable pets likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to compatibility with other pets.  Some cats do not mind dogs, while other cats are terrified of dogs.  Some dogs do not do well with other dogs, yet some dogs thrive in homes with others.  If you are applying to adopt and you currently have other pets at home, we strongly encourage you to bring your pet with you to meet the potential new pet.  It is recommended an advance meeting can be extremely helpful in determining if a new addition to your family will be successful.


Adoption Application